The way we perceive what a dwelling should look like has always been pretty stock standard. Apartments should be monolithic blocks that sit in linear progression along streets, while home interiors need to showcase uniformity throughout. But what happens when some great minds are thrown into the mix and start challenging our preconceived notions of what we think our homes should look like? The result is a paradigm shift that’s sure to alter the future of the urban landscape, and for the better.

Here are some inspiring TED talks from people instigating the change.

Recycled homes:

So much waste goes into the production of houses, why not reuse old materials that still have plenty of life in them? Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean your living space will look like a post-apocalyptic bunker. Check out this video to discover the potential for beauty in reused flotsam and jetsam.

New Materials:

Think you need concrete, perfect 2x4’s and steel nails to build a bespoke luxury home? Elora Hardy challenges building standards with her bamboo masterpieces. Numerous structures have already been erected by her team, including an international school and local bridges. Her work will leave you bamboozled.

New Shapes:

Moshe’s buildings aren’t just a feast for the eyes but they’re built with the surrounding environment in mind. Prepare to have your mind boggled by the sheer mastery of harnessing light and air through clever and careful design.

Growing with the environment:

A meat house? Sounds pretty crude but these structures are anything but. Here, scientists are building homes with organic, living materials from plants to animal tissue.

From the bottom up:

While the common notion of building is usually to keep the elements out, what happens if we bring them into the mix from the get-go? Here, we see how using the characteristics of the environment can help build smarter homes that can perhaps even heal themselves.

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